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4 Key Takeaways From AgTech Expo

Three keynotes, 30 breakouts, an interactive expo and experts provided big ideas and tangible lessons during the 2019 AgTech Expo.

1. Data is Transforming Ag

Three technologies — artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchain — are enabling transformation in the agricultural industry, according to IBM’s Steve Laughlin.

2. Technology Must Evolve

Farm technology will have to be intuitive, integrated, aggregated, automated and offer management solutions, says Skip Klinefelter, founder of Linco Precision.

In connecting all of the dots with agronomic data, many tools are available. However, not all the tools work together to maximize their potential, says Lance Ruppert, director of agronomy marketing and technology for Growmark.

“When access to information is easy, quick, reliable and delivered at the farmer’s fingertips, that will be the tipping point,” he says.

3. New Technology Pays Off in Higher Yields

There’s no doubt planting soybeans early can increase yield, but farmers should weigh four factors, says Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie. The factors include: weather, agronomic practices, varieties and technology.

“As one example, seed treatments are a game changer,” says Ferrie, whose research shows not just suppression of sudden death syndrome but signs of control of the disease. This is a big win for planting soybeans in colder conditions.

Ferrie says the “biggest bell to ring” to increase soyban yields from 60 bu. to 90 bu. per acre is to increase the pods per acre and hold onto lower pods.

4. Robots are Coming

“If the internet was the biggest thing in our generation, robots will be the biggest thing in the next generation,” says Marc Saltzman, a leading technology journalist

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