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Meet The Crew - Sale Barns

Owners: Carl and Christie Campbell, Landon and Melinda Logan

Carl and Landon are lifelong farmers passionate about the livestock industry.

Carl has invested his life in farming, following in the footsteps of his father. Carl is a 6th generation farmer and is currently running a large commercial cow herd. He spent many summers with his grandparents, Charlie and Cozette Campbell, where his enthusiasm for farming grew.

Landon is a 4th generation farmer who runs cows but truly enjoys feeders. Much of his love for feeders stems from growing up with his grandpa, Don, who would buy loads to ship to Kansas from the local sale barn. Landon and Melinda have two children, Ladd and Larson.

But we aren’t what Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction is about. We have a great crew so let us introduce you to them.

Brian Marlin - Sale Barns

Brian Marlin


Brian lives in Claremore Oklahoma and auctioneers Oklahoma City, Woodward, and our sale at Cattlemen’s in Harrison, AR. He is an admirable, honest person and we are so blessed to have him on our team. His son, Payton, is the true star of the show. He has talent beyond his years and we love to listen to him auctioneer.

Michael Maybee - Sale Barns

Michael Maybee

Barn Manager

Michael lives in Bergman, right outside Harrison, with his wife Renae and son Edward. He has managed the back of the barn for over 16 years and his knowledge simply cannot be beaten. Because of Michael, the sales run smoothly and in an organized fashion. His son, Edward, is a top hand that helps feed and check in goats at the sale. We’re truly proud to have them on our team and appreciate their hard work.

Claude Smith - Sale Barns

Claude Smith

Cow Sale Manager

Landon Logan starts the feeders at a certain price and the bidders carry it to the market. For the cow portion of the sale, Claude Smith sets them in and has been in sale barns and the livestock business his whole life. Claude is an expert on the ins and outs of the business and we are honored to have him on our team.

Tyler Clark - Sale Barns

Tyler Clark

Ranch Hand

Tyler Clark lives on the premises at the barn with his wife Britany and daughter Marlea. He checks in cattle on Tuesday and gets the barn prepared for Wednesday sales and can assist in any of your cattle needs. We are thankful to have their family joined with ours.

Ring Operators

Rockne Rhodes - Sale Barns

Rockne Rhodes

Toni Witherspoon - Sale Barns

Toni Witherspoon

Dillon Gross - Sale Barns

Dilllon Gross

Brent Savage - Sale Barns

Brent Savage

Marty Martin - Sale Barns

Marty Martin

Rockne Rhodes is our pinner and he is the best in three states. Toni Witherspoon is our great clerk. Dilllon Gross auctioneers the cow portion of our sale and has such great enthusiasm. He also serves a big role in keeping things ordered in the back of the barn. Brent Savage and Marty Martin work in the ring and do a great job presenting the cattle to the buyers.

Sorting Staff

Lane Anderson - Sale barns

Lane Anderson

Corey Jamison - Sale Barns

Corey Jamison

Mitch Cabrera - Sale Barns

Mitch Cabrera

Dustin Green - Sale barns

Dustin Green

Bill Brown - Sale Barns

Bill Brown

John Heuer - Sale Barns

John Heuer

Lisa Davenport - Sale Barns

Lisa Davenport

Josh Cross - Sale Barns

Josh Cross

Howard Hoover - Sale Barns

Howard Hoover

Not Pictured: Cole and Jason

The back of the barn requires sorting skills and we have the finest. Lane Anderson and Corey Jamison have a true talent for categorization. Mitch Cabrera and Dustin Green work the ally and keep the sale running at a fast pace which is vital. Bill Brown, John Heuer, Lisa Davenport, Josh Cross, Cole Williamson, Jason Williamson, and Howard Hoover are the horseback riders that keep our livestock going where they need to go. They are some of the finest people we have ever met.

Office Staff

Christy Wieland - Sale Barns

Christy Wieland

Marla Koch - Sale Barns

Marla Koch

Melinda Logan - Sale Barns

Melinda Logan

Christy Wieland has to be the most knowledgeable lady in the sale barn business. You will mostly see her on the buyer side but she can answer any question possible. Marla Koch and Melinda Logan take care of the books and help willingly wherever needed.

These people compliment our goals and we're happy to have had them on board. The goal is always to find people to work with us that have the same desire to be involved in the cattle industry because they care about and enjoy working with livestock. Our experienced personnel will sort, care for and show your livestock so that they will be able to bring the full market value.