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Fed Cattle Steady, Slaughter Numbers Higher

Cash fed cattle sold in all regions at $115 to $120 per cwt., steady to $5 higher with last week. Dressed sales occurred at $180 to $190, also steady to higher. Volumes of cash sales increased.

Estimated cattle slaughter for the week is 555,000 head, some 55,000 head more than last week. Thursday was the first day slaughter totaled move than 100,000 since the pandemic-created slowdown at packing plants.

As expected, the backlog of market-ready cattle has pushed steer carcass weights significantly higher. USDA’s carcass weight data released Thursday showed an average of 896 pounds, 43 pounds more than the 5-year average. Weights are expected to increase seasonally until the fourth quarter.

Feeder cattle traded $4 higher.

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